Colleluce winery, owned by Franca Malavolta & C., is a small family-run business.
Only Franca and her family work in the cellar, with a common vocation that speaks of patience and respect for the land and its fruits.

Among the hills of Marche region, at an altitude of 500 m, immersed in a wood with an eye towards the sea. A perfect combination of soil fertility and ideal atmospheric conditions to give rise to great wines linked to the territory rich in traditions and history.


The history of Bruno and Franca in Serrapetrona have started 20 years ago. They inherited the peculiarities, scents, colors and flavors of the previous owner Mr. Francioni who, since the 1960s, had produced and sold Vernaccia di Serrapetrona.

In 1998, with his immense passion for the whole world of wine, Bruno bought the lands of Colleluce in order to produce a particular wine that is different from all the others! Already working as a winemaker technician, he decided to make Colleluce the weekend hobby, covering 87km each time to reach the vineyards from his home.

Subsequently the entry of his wife Franca, which leaves her job as postal employee to follow the lifetime passion: to be in contact with the ground and to care the growth of its fruits. Waiting and respect for the rhythm dictated by nature that follows its course, a harmony to which it is our task to adapt in order to preserve a perfect harmony.

Despite the small size of the vineyard, of about 4 hectares, the constant commitment and sacrifice are always present.
Bruno and Franca together with their 3 children welcome those who love good wine, good food and the genuineness of life.


Winemaker since 1978, Colleluce is the weekend hobby.

“I take good care of the vineyard, respecting the time and natural times rather introduce magic in the tanks.
The good technician is not the one who obtains a product that is always the same but who guarantees excellent quality without denaturalise what comes from different terroirs. ”




Always in the world of commerce.
The love for the transformation and enhancement of what the land offers us, let her to choose to quit with her job as a postal employee to dedicate herself totally to the company.

“Commitment and constancy are the basis of a sublime sparkling wine, a good niche product that respects a centuries-old tradition, distinguishing itself for its wholesomeness …”